Labinic Probiotic Drops™

  • Liquid Probiotic for babies
  • Specially formulated to support the intestinal microbiota of babies and infants
  • Lactobacillus acidophilus, Bifidobacterium infantis and Bifidobacterium bifidum
  • 6 drops (0.2ml) contain 2 billion bacteria (recommended amounts)
  • Safe for babies - over half a million doses given
  • No animal products (not even trace amounts), no preservatives, colourings or sweeteners
  • No refrigeration needed for storage, stable with long shelf life
  • Labinic drops are approved for and used widely in the NHS and overseas
  • Click on the link to download a Word version of our Guideline for Labinic Use in Hospitals. You can use and amend this freely.
    For use with oral syringe

    For use with inbuilt dropper

    Click on the link to download a Word version of our Parent Information Leaflet. You can use and amend this freely. Labinic Parent Information Leaflet

    Labinic probiotic drops can be stored at room temperature, provided this does not exceed 25 degrees C. Do not store below 4 degrees C. Labinic has a long shelf life and probiotic counts are well maintained.

    We hope that the website will answer your questions, but we will post questions here as they are received.

    Different brands can be very different. Probiotics may be in liquid or powder form, and can contain different types of bacteria, as well as different amounts. Labinic is designed for babies, who normally have Bifidobacteria as the main bacteria in the healthy gut, along with Lactobacillus. The amount of bacteria in the daily dose is also important, as a couple of billion of probiotic bacteria are needed to be able to compete with other, potentially harmful bacteria (like E. Coli which causes food poisoning), or fungi (like Candida which causes thrush). It is also important to be reassured that you are not giving your child other substances, such as animal products, sweeteners, preservatives etc

    There is now evidence that giving small amounts of ‘healthy’ live bacteria has positive effects in babies and young children, which is why Labinic is currently used in hospitals. These ‘healthy’ live bacteria are called probiotics. In the stool of a healthy newborn infant, we would normally find high levels of probiotic bacteria. However illness, exposure to antibiotics and feeding difficulties can lead to changes in the balance of bacteria in the gut. This imbalance can cause pain, colic, wind and reflux, and probiotics can be a natural way to restore healthy bacteria to promote a normal digestive tract.

    Probiotics therefore are used to restore or maintain normal digestive health, rather than to "treat" illnesses.

    Labinic has been specially designed for babies and children. Using the latest evidence, and working with paediatricians, neonatologists and PhD scientists, we have blended 3 important probiotics, in a ratio where the bifidobacteria are in higher numbers just like in the healthy human infant gut. As a result, Labinic is highly suitable for babies and young children.

    We are starting to make Labinic available in chemists. Ordering directly from us is still the easiest option for most, but Labinic is stocked by the following

    Surrey: The Pharmacy, 20 Church St, Weybridge KT13 8DX website

    This is perfectly normal, and usually means that the Labinic needs to be mixed a bit more thoroughly. The deposits are entirely harmless. After more mixing, if the deposit is still present, simply wipe it away with a sterile gauze. The performance of the Labinic will not be affected.

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